A General Timeline of Events and Inventions of the Medieval Age.
These dates are as accurate as I can make them, however, even the scholars from whom I obtained them are unsure about some of them.

400: Chinese first make steel by forging together cast and wrought iron
400: Chinese invent the umbrella
400: Hypatia develops the hydrometer, used to determine specific gravity
475: Evidence suggests that the stirrup was invented in China or Korea
496: Clovis Adopts Roman Christianity
500: Abacus is first used in Europe
520: Water powered flour sifting machine invented in China
520: First European paddle wheel boats designed, powered by oxen, but it is unlikely that they were ever built
523: Boethius writes Consolation of Philosopy
537: Waterwheels were built on boats during a siege on Rome by the Ostrogoths
550: Description of wind-powered land vehicle used in China
550: Chryses of Alexandria builds the first horizontal arch dam that curves upward into the current
580: Women in China invent matches for cooking and heating while under siege
590: Oldest known use of toilet papter in China
600: Windmills invented to grind grain in Persia
600: First reference to a quill pen, but it's believed they may have been used earlier
610: Writings in Japan mention 'burning water' for lamps, thought to be petroleum
650: Greek physician lists the symptoms of lead poisoning
673: Greek Fire, thought to be oil and quicklime, which produces heat when added to water, is invented
674: English Church gets glass windows
675: The first sundial in England is built in Newcastle
700: First reference to the abacus that implies it goes back to the 2nd century
700: Evidence of first printed text using wooden blocks
700: Largest pyramid ever built in Cholula
717: Charles Martel becomes Mayor of the Palace in the Frankish Kingdom
732: Charles Martel defeats the Muslims at Tours
748: First newspaper printed in Beijing, China
751: Pepin the Short becomes King of the Franks
751: Arabs learn to manufacture paper
755: Pepin donates land taken from the Lombards to the papacy
768: Charlemagne becomes King of the Franks
774: Charlemagne dereats the Lombards
790: Wang Chu in China builds wooden otter to catch fish
790: Charlemagne introduced the 'royal foot' as a measurement of lenght and the 'karlsfund' as a unit of weight
800: Charlemagne is crowned Emporer of the Romans by Pope Leo III
800: Blast furnaces built in Scandinavia for making cast iron
800: The modern saddle came into use in Europe
800: Porcelain and stoneware pottery first seen in China
800: Han Chih-ho builds wooden cat that catches rats
814: Charlemagne dies and the empire is given to his son Louis the Pious
840: Louis the Pious dies and the empire is divided among his sons as the height of the Viking attacks begin
850: Chinese scientist Shen Kua first refers to a magnetic compass
890: The Magyars invade central Europe
900: Arab chemists and physicians prepare rubbing alcohol by distilling wine
900: The Horseshoe is invented
962: Otto I crowned Emperor of the West marking the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire
987: Hugh Capet becomes the King of France
1045: Chinese books are printed using moveable type presses
1054: The split between the Byzantine and the Roman Churches occurs which would later lead to the formation of the Greek and Eastern Orthodox Churches
1061-1091: The Norman Conquest of Sicily
1066: The Norman conquest of England: William the Conqueror
1086: Reference to use of a magnetic compass for navigation
1096: The Start of the First Crusade
1104: Earliest pointed arch on a cathedral used in the Romanesque Cathedral
1105: Windmills first mentioned in England
1105: Chinese invent multi-colored paper money to make counterfeit money harder to produce
1108: Italians begin distilling wine to make brandy
1130: Construction on the Abbey Church at St. Dennis begins making the first Gothic church with a flying butress
1150: Persian and Egyptian potters develop a low-fired pottery resembling soft paste porcelain
1159: The Chinese first develop rockets
1189: Paper mill established in Herault, France
1190: Jordanus Nemorarius gives the first mathematical proof for the law of inclined planes
1195: Oldest known record of a fishing reel in China
1205: Chimneys built into houses
1206: Buckwheat is grown in Europe
1215: King John is forced to sign the Magna Carta, the basis for English law even today
1221: The Chinese make bombs that produce shrapnel instead of just a loud noise
1232: During Mongol siege Chinese use kites to relay messages behind enemy lines
1288: The first firearm, a small cannon, is made in China
1300: The hourglass is invented
1300: Eyeglasses become common
1309-1377: The 'Babylonian Cpativity:' The Popes are French and influenced by the French Monarchy
1321: Dante completes the Divine Comedy
1323-1328: Peasants revolt in Flanders
1335: Rockets first used in Europe
1337-1453: The Hundred Years' War between France and England
1335: Compound crank handle invented
1347-1351: The Black Death (Pnuemonic and Bubonic Plagues) rages through Europe
1385: Rockets first used in Europe
1377: The papacy returns to Rome under the instruction of Pope Gregory XI
1385: Cast iron becomes generally available in Europe
1390: Metal type used for printing in Korea
1431: Joan of Arc condemned as a witch and burned at the stake

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