Links to All Things on the Web Medieval.
Well, okay, not all things - that would be quite a list. I have put together a good starter list, however, of sites related to Medieval history, reenacting that history and a list of reference books you can find at your local bookstore or library.

Research Links
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Arms and Armor Glossary of Terms
The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Annenberg/CPB Exhibits: The Middle Ages
Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Reenacting Links
The Society for Creative Anachronism
The Renaissance Faire Homepage
Gavvin's Keep
The Midieval Times
The Midrealm Homepage

Reference Books
Amid Splendor and Intrigue : Byzantine Empire Ad 330-1453 (What Life Was Like, Vol 8)
Angela of Foligno's Memorial (Library of Medieval Women)
Art and Architecture in Medieval France : Medieval Architecture, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Manuscripts, the Art of the Church Treasuries
The Black Death

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